Recognition for Bob Keeler

By Pastor Matt Raley

Last Sunday afternoon, many gathered to remember Bob Keeler, who passed away suddenly on September 10th. Pastor Mike Clemmer joined us and gave a meditation filled with Bob’s writing in Lenten devotionals. Pastor Charlie Ness gave an overview of Bob’s life following Jesus. There were memories from family and co-workers.

There was also a surprise visit from State Rep. Steve Malagari, who paid tribute to Bob’s integrity and professionalism as a reporter. He gave Verna Martin a condolence resolution from the State House of Representatives, signed by Malagari and Speaker Bryan Cutler.

The resolution reads, “A beloved family member, dedicated worker, and avowed community steward, Mr. Keeler exemplified the best qualities of the human experience. He generously gave of his heart and time to enhance the quality of life of his family and community, and his loss will be felt by the many individuals who knew, admired, and loved him.”

We were blessed to see this recognition of Bob’s accomplishments.