Youth at Birch Grove

By Pastor Brandon Lee

During Labor Day weekend our Youth Group made the trip to Birch Grove to help serve in the church’s monthly food drive. We had a wonderful time serving 62 families with the boxes that we packed. When we arrived late Friday night we enjoyed a quick snack before getting to work on packing 144 non-frozen boxes. The next day, the youth did a great job keeping the boxes moving from the church to the tables outside and from those tables to the cars. Some also helped with packing 72 more boxes of frozen goods. Each family received at least one box of canned goods, one box of cereals, one box of frozen goods, a box of fresh produce, a bag of corn, bananas, a bag of apples, and a bag of oranges. After the food drive, we spent some time walking around Kinzua Bridge State Park and playing some games. We got some well-deserved rest in a beautiful house graciously provided for us by our brothers and sisters at Birch Grove Mennonite Church. With 7 youths and 4 adults, everyone had a bed or a couch to sleep in. We wrapped up the weekend with a wonderful time in worship followed by a fellowship lunch with the congregation. Thank you all for your prayers! We hope to return next year.