Missionary of the Month – July

Greetings from Hannah and Lewis, serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center and Novo Adventures.

Praises & Updates:

● Hannah successfully finished another school year and is enjoying a more relaxed pace before school resumes again in August.

● Hannah was recently asked to become the high school guidance counselor, meaning she will be helping students apply for colleges, enroll in online courses, and to take Advanced Placement tests. She is excited about working in this new capacity while continuing to teach some history classes.

● Lewis will be leading an upcoming tour in October, making it the second Novo Adventures motorcycle tour of the year. After months of limited travel, it is wonderful to see a renewed interest in Novo tours. There are a few potential tours for the end of 2022 and into 2023. The funds from these tours go to the Novo Communities addiction rehabilitation center.

● In the meantime, Lewis continues to manage the business, do vehicle maintenance, and work on new options for partners with the business.

● Lewis’ parents will be visiting Bolivia for the first time this month and we are excited to see them again and to show them around the country.

Prayer Requests:

● Please pray for wisdom and flexibility as Hannah adjusts to her new job position at SCCLC.

● Pray that God will provide the teachers for the upcoming school year – several of our teachers returned to the US and we need to fill these positions.

● Pray for Lewis as he continues to organize upcoming motorcycle trips, and for God to keep providing continued resources for addicts to enter the Novo rehabilitation program.

● Pray for safe travels as we show Lewis’ parents around Bolivia.

As always, thanks to everyone for your ongoing support and prayers. We’re always happy to hear from you all and hope to see you all again as soon as we can make it back to the US.


Hannah & Lewis