New Challenge from Worthwhile Wear

By Matt Raley

Last summer, we made a new friend in ministry–Worthwhile Wear, a group that supports survivors of human trafficking. The organization is headed by Dan Emr and is local to this region. They have a home for survivors, a thrift store in Plumsteadville, another opening soon in Collegeville, and they reach out to survivors through their Worth It classes.

TMC is now one of many churches that partner with Worthwhile Wear, and we want our participation to grow. Starting this month, Worthwhile Wear has a new way to support their work. It’s called the Act Challenge. You can log your miles spent in exercise to raise funds for survivors of human trafficking.

As Ray Creighton from Worthwhile Wear wrote to me, “The Act Challenge helps to raise awareness about human trafficking, and also encourages individuals from across the country to log miles to raise funds that support survivors of trafficking. Individuals have the opportunity to make their miles count, because for every mile they log on social media or on our website (whether through walking, running, cycling or swimming), their miles will be matched by our sponsors.”

If you would like to participate, either by logging miles or becoming a sponsor, you can learn more at I urge you to take part in this effort!