What’s Next for the Youth?

By Brandon Lee

We had the Mystery Dinner at the end of April and it went very well. All the kids were very attentive and enjoyed serving our guests for the evening. Yesterday, we went to an Escape Room in Linfield, and coming up in June we’ll do a sleepover at the church that the youth are helping to plan and we will also take part in VBS preparations. Looking at our biweekly meetings, we have recently discussed War in the Old Testament, are rounding out our last session on the Power of God, and will then turn to the topic of Free Will. For the summer we are working out a service opportunity for the youth to take part in and will provide an update when we know more about what that opportunity will be. Finally, in September we will be heading back to Birch Grove to help with the food drive. That’s all for now, but we’ll have more events and lessons to update you all on soon.