New Focus in Sunday School

By Matt Raley

Thanks to Eileen Parmer and Travis Weaver, all ages at TMC have been studying the story of God’s redemptive plan. Our curriculum is called The Gospel Project, and it will take us from Genesis to Revelation. The best part is that we are all on this journey together, from the oldest to the youngest.

The second quarter material is now available to you. It is called “From Conquest to a Kingdom.” We are following Israel’s story from Joshua to the opening chapters of 1 Samuel. God’s people conquer the land but immediately fall into idolatry and lawlessness. Even in this kind of failure, the Lord continues to save his people and prepare the way for a stronger kingdom.

You can each have a personal guidebook for this study, written especially for you. Our teachers have their own materials to prepare for our class discussions on Sundays, but your book is the Daily Discipleship Guide. Each unit has an introduction to get you oriented. The guide gives you Bible passages to read each day, along with a short devotional to help you apply God’s Word.

As you work through the daily devotionals, you will arrive in your Sunday school class with a lot to say about what the Lord has taught you! You will also have plenty to share with your kids. They are learning the same passages of Scripture as you. We hope and pray that this will spark conversations in your family not just after church on Sunday, but all week long.

Our new quarter has only just begun. If you haven’t been attending these classes, it’s not too late to start. You can find your Daily Discipleship Guide in each classroom. We hope you’ll join us!