MYF Winter Retreat to Hemlock Springs

By Youth Leadership

Last weekend the combined Jr. and Sr. MYF group went on our Winter Retreat to Hemlock Springs. Our guest speaker was Todd Pearage, a youth pastor and minister with Standing Stone Ministries.

Over the course of the weekend, we focused on the word “reset.” What does it mean to reset, and how can we do it in our walks with Christ? Todd challenged each of our youth members to make the commitment of being open to a reset in their relationship with God, whether they were already a believer or not, and to focus on those things that we get to do for God through His grace and mercy.

We also spent time going over how to reset our relationships with others in Christ. God cares about our relationships and we should reflect and evaluate which relationships of ours need a reset. At the end of the weekend, we discussed what resets we wanted to make, what steps we were going to take, and how we could hold each other accountable to our resets.

We all walked away with some sort of reset. Some of us wanted to spend more time in God’s Word or work through deeper devotionals. Others wanted to dedicate more time to prayer, work on patience, or practice being more open to hearing about the gospel.

It was a fruitful time together! Thank you for your prayers while we were away!