Missionary of the Month – February

Hello, Towamencin!

We are Hannah and Lewis, currently serving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Hannah teaches at the Santa Cruz Christian Learning Center School, while Lewis manages and guides tours for Novo Adventures, a social enterprise raising money for the Novo Communities rehabilitation center through motorcycle tourism. Though the ongoing pandemic has certainly brought many challenges in both the educational and tourism sectors, the last few months have finally seen a return to some normalcy. Here are some praises, along with some ongoing prayer requests, from the past few months.


  • Hannah’s school was finally able to offer in person classes again in August, so it has been wonderful to finally have students physically in the classroom again.
  • Novo Adventures is able to offer motorcycle tours again in 2022 despite the setbacks to tourism during the pandemic.

Prayer Requests:

  • Though the majority of students have returned in person, there are still some families who are keeping their children at home. This means that all classes are taught in a hybrid format – Hannah is teaching her students in the classroom and through video call at the same time. Pray for patience and wisdom in navigating this type of teaching.
  • Things are looking promising in terms of motorcycle trips. Pray for flexibility and wisdom organizing these trips, and for God to keep providing the continued resources for addicts to enter the Novo rehabilitation program.
  • Pray for continued good health for both Hannah and Lewis – COVID cases are surging here in Bolivia, and the rainy season brings many mosquito-borne diseases, further burdening an already struggling health care system.

As always, thanks everyone for your ongoing support and prayers. We wish all of you a blessed new year!

Hannah and Lewis