December Missionary of the Month 2021

*Names and location removed for safety

This past year has been a process of getting back to what normal used to be. A local organization partnered with us to tutor children from ages 4-6 it was an opportunity to open our doors to them, which would also allow us to start programs of our own. After the children from 4-6 started receiving tutoring classes, we started math and language arts tutoring classes for primary school. In previous years, we only had these classes in Sector 9, but this year we added 2 more days for the children in Sector 7.

The women also started making different crafts, while their children were in their tutoring classes. We handed out the papers to the children to do at home and would pick them up the next week while giving out that week’s activity page. The attendance went from 40 to 200, so we realized this was working much better for the people we were ministering to.

A few months ago we started having the Bible classes in person. It has been such a blessing to meet with the children and sing with them and teach them more about Jesus and God’s Word. The women are also meeting and studying God’s Word deeply.

Funds are still being raised for phase 1 of the community center, which we hope to start soon. We are also looking forward to our Christmas celebration. The local church we attend is going to be in charge of the program and will have a time to share the gospel and hand out shoeboxes filled with gifts that the church put together, similar to Operation Christmas Child from Samaritan’s Purse.

We hope to visit you all soon or maybe your team will beat us coming down here. Much love to you all.