What are we Learning in MYF?

By Brandon Lee

There’s much to talk about with our joint Junior and Senior MYF group, but our hope as the MYF Youth Leaders was to find out what our kids are interested in talking about and use that as a starting point for our lessons. That said, we solicited our group for feedback and came away with several topics to go over for the next year. Back in October, we held a debate on the existence of dinosaurs and, where possible, assigned each member to the side opposite their point of view. Our goal was to teach our kids to study the opposing side of their viewpoint when trying to defend their own, as well as practice supporting their beliefs through research and evidence. The debate ended with those for the existence of dinosaurs coming out on top. More recently we’ve jumped into the topic of “Salvation” and will follow that up with “Why Bad Things Happen” and “Baptism: What am I committing to?”. Our intention in this segment is to get back to the core Gospel message for our need of a savior, Jesus Christ, and what it means for us to declare Him as our savior. From there we’ll dive into “What is God’s Role in the World Today?” and “Does God have a Plan for Everyone?” to explore the sovereignty of God and the way in which He interacts with us in our daily lives. The final four topics we’ll cover are: “Is Jesus the Only Way?”, “Free Will: Do we have it?”, “Knowing the Power of God”, and “War: How does it fit in the Bible and can it be biblically supported today?”. As we work through the final topics we will look to: compare and contrast other religions to Christianity to discuss how it is Jesus can be the only way, dive deeper into our relationship with God and how He interacts with us in our daily lives, explore God’s power and sovereignty in greater detail, and discuss the intricacies of war in the Old Testament while comparing it to the message of “loving your enemy” in the New Testament. We’re excited about their questions and pray that each lesson will be edifying to them in their walk with Christ.