September Missionary of the Month 2021

By Charlie Ness

It is our privilege to support persons around the world engaged in extending the Kingdom of God. We support them financially, as well as through prayers and letters.

The Missionary of the Month for September

is the Dale Nafziger Family in Nepal

The Nafziger’s are fishers of men and women, only their bait is a blend of steaming cups, caring conversation, and business integrity through their business, Top of the World Coffee. From selling frozen French fries, pizza, and fruit juice to roasting coffee beans and pulling shots of espresso, they model Anabaptist principles and business ethics as a way of bearing witness to God’s love and power.

Recently Dale wrote:

  • Dale. COVID hit the café hard again this year and the country is suffering the effects of COVID.
  • Bethsaba. Bethsaba has a fair number of “Zoom” meetings throughout the week.
  • Sushma is taking online classes at Liberty University.
  • Shova goes to her café six-days-a-week

You are encouraged to:

  • Pray for health and wisdom.
  • Send an email of encouragement.
  • Send them greetings on their birthdays & anniversary.