Charlie Ness

SEPTEMBER 16-19, 2021

“A Community Movement – The promise of Hope”

Hope 21 is an outreach event that will be held in a large tent along Route 113 next to the Franconia Heritage Restaurant.

During these 4 days, there will be events that honor first responders, a youth party, a community concert, a festival offering resources of hope for those struggling with physical, emotional and spiritual needs, and a celebration for families.

See the card in your mailbox for details.

The speaker for these events is Matthew Maher a former professional soccer player whose broken life was transformed by Jesus Christ. Matt speaks with clarity and passion about the power of Jesus Christ to bring hope to the broken.

You are invited to participate in this event in several ways;

  • Attend with your family.
  • Invite those who need to hear a message of hope
  • Make a financial donation. Sweatshirtofhope.org
  • Volunteer to help. Use these links to sign up or contact: Martha Detweiler, Mkdetweiler2011@yahoo.com or 267-377-5605.



Hope 21 is sponsored by a Sweatshirt of Hope, a group of local persons linking hope for life by bringing our community together to understand the physical and spiritual needs of those struggling.